Artist Statement

077 (1)I paint on canvas and paper in my home studio in Connecticut. I am a member of the Connecticut Water Color Society. My professional training as a counselor and expressive arts therapist has influenced me to notice the creative process within myself. I tend to begin a painting from instinct and intuition. I am motivated internally by feeling, color, texture and nature. I love to experiment with acrylic, watercolor, collage and other mediums. At some point during my painting I detach from my surroundings and enter a zone or flow and my excitement and pleasure of what is happening before me takes over. When I am in that flow my inner voice and intuition directs me. My work is often destroyed and painted over multiple times as it is constantly reforming until I feel complete and satisfied. I stand back and evaluate how to bring my painting to completion which could take moments, days or months.



B.A.   Psychology and Art….Goddard College….Vermont

M.S.   Counseling….Central Connecticut University….Connecticut


.  Paier School of Art….Hamden, Connecticut

.  Expressive Art Therapy